Jeep Recon dimensions estimates


I've been curious what the size of the Recon is.

Using the Jeep supplied overhead photo (which I know there's perspective in the view), and estimating the tire as a 33" tire (I really have no idea, but 32" for a factory stock vehicle claimed to be able to navigate the rubicon seemed a bit small, and IIRC only special Jeep models have had tires larger than 33"?, so I went with 33"), the overall length of the Recon seems to be about 15'-1" (not including the spare tire), and the width at the outside of the fenders seems to be about 6'-2".

A JL 4 door I think is 15'-2" not including the spare tire, and the Wrangler width to the outside of the fenders is about 6'-2".

I've put a JL 4 door overhead into the image for size comparison, if I'm anywhere close, the Recon seems to be about the same, or maybe a little smaller than a JL 4 door. (?)

The orange lines in the image are what I drew to estimate the dimensions.

I could be way off, due to both the perspective in the overhead image, and what size the tire really is.

Also if I'm not mistaken, all the Jeep provided images so far are 3d digital images, not photos of an actual vehicle, so that also makes any estimating difficult.

Toyota Compact Cruiser Jeep Recon dimensions estimates jl wrangler and recon.JPG


I've love to see this revisited now that a physical prototype has been released, see if the scale is the same.